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Gold Coast Naming Ceremonies

“Naming a child is an act of poetry – a very creative moment”

A beautiful welcome and celebration for the arrival of a new baby, uniting of step or adopted children within a family, or an adult name change are all great reasons to hold a Naming Ceremony. Special concepts to include can be a treasure box of notes and special “gifts”, the lighting of a candle or the planting of a tree – or write a poem about your child.

Naming Ceremony

$ 600


  • Unlimited appointments and contact to talk about your Ceremony
  • Preparation of your Ceremony according to your wishes
  • Printed copy of your Ceremony in a folder to keep
  • Well respected Celebrant, professionally dressed to suit the occasion
  • Use of a high quality P.A. system with Bluetooth and wireless mic if needed
  • Travel to and from your Ceremony location, per hour (starts from $50) from Gemvale Rd, Mudgeeraba 4213

Let's chat! To discuss your special event, please contact Vivienne today.

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