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“Love is what happens when two hearts find their happy place right beside each other”

Vivienne Celebrant Gold Coast Celebrant

I have a sneaky feeling I know why you are here! 

One of you proposed …. and the other said Yes!

As a full-time, authorised Gold Coast Celebrant, I am obsessed with making your dreams come true. My strengths, honed through many years in the Conference and Events industry, are organisation and efficiency, keeping you informed every step of the way, guiding you, assisting you and offering advice (if you want it), where and when you need it.

All your questions will be answered and explained. I have suggestions, gained from years of experience, about everything from the wind direction and glare of the sun if outdoors, family seating, your music, ceremony styling, family acknowledgements, witness choices – I could go on and on!  I also provide a check-list to keep you on the timeline track!

I am passionate about love and ceremony. This means you get the best of me – a loving, caring, focused Celebrant with a sense of humour!

I am based in Gemvale Rd, Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast and perform weddings and other ceremonies from Brisbane to Casuarina, and the deep blue Pacific Ocean to the stunning Scenic Rim.


  • Vivienne conducted our wedding outside at Broadbeach in September 2019. She was a pleasure to work with. She was attentive, available to ask for questions and suggestions and very flexible. We had a small elopement with 12 people outside on the beach and Vivienne recommended the perfect place for us to hold the ceremony. We wanted a close friend of ours to conduct most of the ceremony except for the essential legal aspects that Vivienne had to say as the celebrant. Vivienne was very willing to allow our friend to do all the parts that we wanted and coordinated the ceremony beautifully with him. We highly recommend her as a celebrant.Thank you!
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  • Vivienne Bates is an extremely professional and loving Marriage Celebrant to work with. She knows what she is doing and she is very accommodating which was a breath of fresh air as it took the stress and worry out of the ceremony preparation. She will also ensure everything is packaged up nicely for you after the ceremony in a beautiful white folder to keep forever (which was the cherry on top). Vivienne helped to make our wedding day a day that no one will forget. It was truly a stunning ceremony with so much love in the air and we couldn't have made it so perfect without all her help. I would recommend her to all my friends and family.
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  • “ We are so glad to have met Vivienne. She was very helpful with advice like choosing the venue, setting up our vows and running the music. She was also very professional, flexible and well prepared for our wedding. Not only was she well focused but assisted us with our priorities and we could not be more happy to recommend her. She will take care of everything for you. ”
    Nyein & Brett, Garden Chapel Wedding

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  • "Vivienne made our day so special – given this was our second marriage to each other. We just loved the words and Ceremony she prepared for us. It was perfect!"
    Tammy & John, Garden Wedding celebration

  • "We were very happy that we chose Viv as our celebrant. She was very friendly, helpful, relaxed and professional. Viv helped us in our preparations and the plan for the day, as well as following up when needed. On the day we couldn't have been happier. Viv was funny, personal, appropriate and prepared. She was an integral part of the day and the ceremony was fun and relaxed. What I especially liked is that she didn't try to shine any limelight on herself. I would highly recommend Viv as a celebrant. As I said we couldn't have been happier"
    Murray & Sonia, Outdoor Wedding at Emerald Lakes

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Celebrant Services & Ceremonies

Gold Coast Wedding Ceremonies

“Love and Ceremony” are two words I really love. They go together like “Heart and Soul” or “Me and You”! They are two words that create passion – and I am passionate about my role as a Marriage Celebrant and your special day. A bespoke Ceremony that reflects your story and is personal and special is what you wholeheartedly deserve. Whether you want a simple Ceremony on the Gold Coast or a grand affair, a traditional or contemporary celebration – I promise to bring warmth, fun and enthusiasm to the planning process and the occasion.

“….And through it all, I will fearlessly Love you”

Gold Coast Naming Ceremonies

A beautiful welcome and celebration for the arrival of a new baby, uniting of step or adopted children within a family, or an adult name change are all great reasons to hold a Naming Ceremony. Special concepts to include can be a treasure box of notes and special “gifts”, the lighting of a candle or the planting of a tree – or write a poem about your child.

“Naming a child is an act of poetry – a very creative moment”

Gold Coast Renewal of Vows

There is something so special about renewing your vows. This is “take two”! The reason is beautiful – but different. There may be some tense and nervous moments, but they are interlaced with a more mature excitement! – because renewing your vows is more about celebrating family and life together as a married couple.

You have shared the joys, blessings and challenges of married life for a few, or maybe many years, and you are increasing your commitment, love, respect, trust and understanding.

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony says “I want to be by your side forever and always – I’ve said it before and I want to say it again”

“When we, as a couple, share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible”

Gold Coast Funerals & Memorials

Funerals and Memorials from a compassionate heart. Compassion for a family that has lost a precious member, and a strong belief that everyone’s life deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated in a manner that suits their approach to life itself, drives me to create a heartfelt and personal Ceremony.

With understanding, respect, care and personal experience, I will honour your wishes and arrange a Ceremony that truly reflects your loved one.

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day”

Let's Chat

Let's chat over a coffee at my place or video call, which ever suits you. From here you can decide if I am the Celebrant for you, thereafter we can focus on you and plan your truly awesome and very personalised and exciting ceremony!
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