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ABOUT Vivienne Bate

Hi, my name is Vivienne. Thank you so much for popping by and congratulations!

I am an authorised Celebrant, with a passion for people, love, ceremony and creative writing. A “one size fits all” is simply not my style because you have your own and very unique story. And it’s my dream to create meaningful, modern, fun yet sincere ceremonies – with you at the centre.

My valuable experience in the global events industry will now be invested in you – a professional and creative ceremony that will set the scene for the best day of your life! One that is full of special memories to cherish forever.

Located in the southern Gold Coast area, between the Pacific Ocean and the Gold Coast Hinterland and Scenic Rim – a region oozing with exquisite city and country venues, and stunning beach, farm and forest locations.

~ Vivienne Bate, Celebrant

“Be Fearless in the Pursuit of what sets Your Soul on Fire”

Vivienne Celebrant - Gold Coast Celebrant - Vivienne Bate

Let's chat! To discuss your special event, please contact Vivienne today.

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