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6+ Tips – Your Wedding Ceremony Guideline

6+ Tips – Your Wedding Ceremony Guideline

Your Wedding Ceremony can be – and should be – the best part of your wedding day.

Work with your Celebrant to create the best Ceremony.  Not as in hard slog work – but the word here is more like collaborate – to create one that is personal and all about you.  And it’s only going to be bespoke and sound like your very own if you provide loads of input!

There is a draft Wedding Ceremony format I give couples that are a little overwhelmed about the Ceremony – What has to be included, what else is it actually saying, how long will it be – in other words “How long do I have to stand in front of my family and friends and be the centre of attention”!

It’s a guide only, for those who have no idea where to begin or what shape and form a Ceremony normally takes.  The draft format outlines various traditional elements, and some modern ones, such as: processional, welcome, introduction, acknowledgements/in memory of, the bringing (giving away), the asking, readings, vows, joining or blending families, the ring exchange, kiss, signing, pronouncement and recessional.

The introverts love a ‘short and sweet’ ceremony, and are always ready to agree to half the elements in this draft format – a registry-style Ceremony with vows, rings and signing – and it’s done – they’re married!

And that is absolutely fine.  But I would not be a very good Celebrant if I left it there and did not ask a few more questions – to get to know more about you, your dreams, future plans, a family tradition you may love, what you like to do in your spare time, what music you like, what you have seen at a friend’s wedding that you loved, or hated!

The answers to these questions can make a ceremony entirely unique, whilst still being short, fun and heartfelt if that’s what you want.

So do you need some help?  Well, that’s what I’m here for and here’s a neat little list of things you need to consider and talk to your Celebrant about.  Your marriage is yours and yours only, and is like no other.

The more I know about your future dreams and aspirations as a couple, the more personal and perfect the Ceremony will be!

  • What you feel about life, faith, family, music, work, hobbies – basically your likes and dislikes, are a good start for getting to know the real you.
  • As an experienced and accredited Celebrant, I have crafted and planned many wedding ceremonies and can give all sorts of insights into a variety of elements and options. So tell me what you don’t know about Weddings, and in particular, the Ceremony. It’s helpful to have an honest discussion around the topics you know nothing about.
  • Fears can spoil your Ceremony and the rest of your special day, so tell me what your concerns are. It is my role to create a Ceremony that will calm or minimise those nerves, and it is important to choose a Celebrant that not only understands this, but has the creative writing skills to create a calming effect in the Ceremony wording.  Your personal Vows, however, can be quite emotional and it is an added bonus if the aura and posture of the Celebrant reflects calm.
  • Express some ideas you may have. What you have liked that you have seen at other weddings, or online, so I can tweak the idea and make it yours.
  • Insist on seeing a draft Ceremony about 6 weeks before the wedding in order that you can review the wording, each reading it separately. It is important to be brutally honest here.  Make the changes or highlight where you would like something a little different.  Don’t worry – you will not hurt my feelings! It’s your day, your way and there is no Take Two, no chance to do it as you want it the next time.
  • Your Ceremony is the most important part of your big day. It is the start of your married life, so let me know what your vision is for the future – what your plans are and what you are excited about. The Ceremony is an affirmation of who you are at this moment as a couple, as well as who you want to become individually and as a partnership.

The exchange of rings may be a traditional element, but I believe it’s one that should always be included. Thought should be given to this ritual and how family with a meaningful connection to the two of you, such as your parents, grandparents, or children can be included to present the rings as a sign of their love and blessing.

Music that means something to you should be chosen carefully, not to be listened to while everyone stares at the musician or the two of you.  It’s way too awkward!  Instead of pausing the ceremony for a song, play music in the body of the ceremony to accompany some other action, such as a unity ritual or a moment honouring your families.  Think about the tone you want to set for the ceremony and then choose music that amplifies that tone, whether it be sweet, nostalgic, traditional, or alternative.

Your wedding ceremony should feel like you, sound like you, be you.  It should fit you like a hand in a glove.  Your marriage is unlike any other, and your ceremony is the creation and celebration of that marriage.

If you would like to reach out and talk to me further, please contact me here.
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